Protect your income from accidents, illnesses, and mental health conditions.

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For a diverse range of tradies

Our coverage extends to a diverse range of trades, including Electricians, Plumbers, Drainlayers, Roofers, Builders, and more, providing simple and practical solutions.

For medical professionals

Our services are designed to support a range of medical professionals, such as General Practitioners, Physiotherapists, and Medical Contractors, ensuring that we can provide comprehensive assistance to meet your specific needs.

If you are the boss!

If you’re an IT Specialist, Entrepreneur, Consultant, or Freelancer, our services have been designed to meet your needs and provide the necessary assistance.

For essential professions

Our services cater to a range of essential professions, including Farmers, Orchardists, and Agricultural Contractors, who play a crucial role in feeding communities and supporting the economy.

For small business owners

If you are a Small Business owner and need cover for yourself, your family, or your staff, we have got you covered with comprehensive policies.

For contractors’ risks

As a contractor, you face a variety of risks and uncertainties in your line of work and  we recognize the challenges that contractors encounter and our services have been designed to meet your needs and provide the necessary solution.


The ACC Alternative is a smart way of protecting your income – unlike ACC, it covers you for accidents and illnesses. In most cases, you’ll get three times the cover for around the same cost as your standard self-employed accident-only ACC cover.
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Safeguard your income from accidents and illnesses with The ACC Alternative

Did you know you’re 2.6 times more likely to be out of work for six months or more following an illness rather than an accident?

The ACC Alternative allows you to reduce your ACC accident only cover and add comprehensive Income Protection to ensure you’ll continue to receive an income if you are unable to work from an accident or illness.

The ACC Alternative is administered by Adelphi Insurance Brokers and underwritten by our insurance partners (see our disclosure statement).

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